Digital Consulting

We are here to help the tech companies and its' investors.


There are many consulting companies.
They provide the same services in a same way.

We decided to change it. And we have started.

AG.Ventures is the first consulting firm that works with you without seeing us. We solve the problems while you run the business and make money.


Will help you with growth and strategic vision. We can open the doors to useful offices and introduce you to interesting people.
For Investors
The investors ask us to help with their companies. We can manage your shares package, promote investor's interests, search for exit opportunity. And this is just a start.
ICO and Blockchain
Everything related to the hottest topic of the season. If you want to run an ICO - we're here to help. We'll choose the country for incorporation, find the advisors, and will introduce to investors.
Search of Investments
If you need funding and you have a promising or up-and-running tech business - let us know. We will choose a relevant investor tailored for your type of business.
Anything depending on your needs. We help from the company incorporation to drafting of SHA and SAFT agreements.
We will introduce you to relevant media and groups of people. We're helping to create, change, or discard a particular image of your company.
Let's talk.
Text us. We're always here for you.
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